Fresh the Clown was created on February of 2013. It all started when a family friend asked him if he could dress up as a clown and host, play games and have fun with her daughter/friends/family for her daughter’s 9th birthday party.

The party was a huge success and of course pictures were posted of the birthday party all over social media. The next thing you know, everyone began to ask Fresh to perform at their children’s parties and other kid events around the city of Detroit.

The business continued to grow from there. More clowns were added and Fresh then partnered up with that same family friend who asked him to be a clown and they began to create and organize the business “Fresh the Clownsss LLC”.

Moving forward, 4 members of Fresh the Clownsss was asked to go on tour with the Universoul Circus in 2015 and gladly accepted the offer. It was a challenging decision at first because that meant that the clowns would all have to leave their families behind, but they made it work.

Four members of Fresh the Clownsss are currently on tour for their 2nd year with the Universoul Circus. They have also grown the business in their hometown of Detroit, Michigan where they have a group of clowns, ages ranging from 9-18 years old. These clowns at home perform all over the state of Michigan, while the 4 Circus Clowns travel the world.

Fresh the Clownsss have grown so much that they are now getting more and more requests daily for their clowns to do parties and events all over the world.

Their goal is to provide everyone with a great party experience as soon as they arrive.

Thank you for continuing to support Fresh the Clownsss!!!